Vestiaire / shoe closet

So for many years our entrance hall has been stuffed with zillions of shoes and coats. In the end, we got so tired of it that we decided to sacrifice a small part of our living room to solve the lack of storage space in the entrance hall.

The above picture is taken from the living room (the staircase is in the entrance hall). It shows some clear beginner mistake as the wooden support should have been turned 90 degrees. After opening the wall, a single brick was put at the left. At the right there was already a 30cm wide wall.

Picture taken from within the entrance hall. The back of the small vestiaire is made out of Gyproc.

Here the vestiaire already has a pair of doors. These are actually the Ikea Pax Tanem doors (229 cm version) that were cut a bit at the bottom to fit.