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Salvaging printer parts (part 1)

A broken office colour printer is a great source of parts. Will post an overview later when everything is nicely sorted.

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Playmobil desk lamp

“Daddy, can you make it work?”

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Controlling a LED matrix

A while ago, I got 4 matrix displays (8×8, cheap Chinese), each connected to a max7221. So, I was curious to try out how to write something on them. Arduino source code is available

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A modular dollhouse

Daughter requested a dollhouse … I wanted something modular, in the sense that walls and floors could be removed (e.g. for easy painting) and the daughter wanted a dollhouse with reconfigurable space (this simply means she wasn’t sure who should sleep in what room). Here is my attempt to meet these requirements while being low […]

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Vestiaire / shoe closet

So for many years our entrance hall has been stuffed with zillions of shoes and coats. In the end, we got so tired of it that we decided to sacrifice a small part of our living room to solve the lack of storage space in the entrance hall. The above picture is taken from the […]

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